Rewards Lead: Africa

Rewards Lead: Africa
Rewards Lead: Africa

21 Novembro, 2018


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Manage Reward and Wellbeing activities for Sasol Africa Regions. (Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana & Nigeria) to deliver the following key performance areas, and be considered as the top reward specialist within the region.



Reward Component

  • Translate Group minimum standards and policies into regional policies and procedures for implementation of Rewards and Benefits policies, processes and practices.
  • Provide regional input into design of group reward and benefit policies and minimum standards.
  • Co-design and implement regional specific reward policies and practices that are aligned with the group’s remuneration strategy, policies and minimum standards.
  • Management of regional staff costs and assessment of turnover to ensure that the group is able to retain key skills.
  • Implementation of variable pay plans designed at group level within the applicable OBU/OpHub/SBU/Functional Core division.
  • Ensure adequate change management and communication processes are used to implement changes to reward policies and processes and ensure optimal buy in.
  • Development of submissions to the Sasol Limited remuneration committee or other appropriate governance forums, on regional specific reward and benefit matters.
  • Provide support for governance, oversight and administration of retirement and benefit funds in the respective countries.
  • Assist with obtaining trade union buy in and sign off of all policies, processes and practices impacting the collective bargaining unit.
  • Participate in regional reward and benefit surveys; analyse survey reports and make recommendations for specific interventions where the group’s policies are not aligned with best practice.
  • Ensure that reward policies meet statutory and governance requirements.
  • Provision of benchmark information to clients to enable the attraction and retention of employees.
  • Coordinate job evaluation service requirements within the applicable OBU/OpHub/SBU/Functional Core and either implement requests or oversee implementation thereof.
  • Design and implementation of OME/Functional specific recognition plans.
  • Provide reward and benefits specialist support service end-to-end to the applicable OBU/OpHub/SBU/Functional Core units within the Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana & Nigeria locations.
  • Use rewards as a means to change the company culture to being accountable and high performing.
  • Build an effective network of reward consultants within and external to the organisation

Wellbeing Component

  • Absenteeism management
  • Financial management
  • Stress and resilience management
  • Disability management
  • Disease management
  • Psychosocial wellness
  • Risk management including death, disability and retirement cover

Business Results

Translate Group minimum standards and policies into regional policies, procedures, and plans addressing requirements on local issues relating to reward and benefit and Wellbeing matters.

  • Understand the regional businesses as well as the labour market very well to ensure proper and effective translation of group standards, policies and plans into relevant and market related regional processes.

Co-design and implement regional specific policies and plans, including BU/Functional specific recognition plans, Regional specific reward policies and pay practices and changes to benefit plans such. 

  • Regular participation in reward and benefit surveys informing submissions requesting approval on regional specific reward and benefit plans.
  • Support the business in the design and implementation of STI, Recognition and BU specific Reward plans.
  • Serve on BoTs of retirement, disability and health insurance plans as needed.

Participate in Africa reward and benefits and Wellbeing surveys and analyse survey reports to ensure alignment with internal reward and benefit practices to the external market. Use information to design Africa pay lines.

  • Participate in relevant surveys, annual increase, annual variable pay, annual benefits, snap surveys and relevant job specific surveys through submission of high quality survey submission files.
  • Regular and timeous analysis of survey reports in comparison with internal practices.

Responsible for the compliance of practices against minimum standards and policies and ensure that exceptions outside of approved Delegation of Authority are escalated to the VP: Reward for consideration.

  • Ensure consistent application of minimum standards and implementation of policies avoiding exceptions.
  • Continuous monitoring of compliance with policies and practices within regional hubs as well as SA payroll environment.
  • Ensure the development of Fit for Purpose Policies and Legislation compliance.

Responsible for the design and implementation of Wellness interventions in line with BU requirements aligned to Sasol’s EVP, Africa Regional requirements

  • Responsible for the design and implementation of Wellness initiatives, products and services relating to HIV/AIDS, financial well-being, trauma defusing and debriefing, psycho-social well-being, disease management and absenteeism management
  • Perform cost benefit and ROI analysis on Wellness initiatives to understand effectiveness of these interventions.

Ensure that the quality of all interventions are measured

  • Analysing and interpreting benchmarked medical aid data to other organisations.
  • Continuously monitor quality of interventions and services rendered by obtaining customer feedback

Manage and implement interventions to reduce sick leave,

  • Assist the Business Units with specific interventions to reduce absenteeism rate and cost – Obtain Benchmarks for interventions
  • Facilitate the use of, and continuously improve, early intervention and rehabilitation processes to ensure achievement of organisational objectives

Compliance and Governance

  • Be accountable for maintaining and enhancing relevant policies and procedures relating to this role and take responsibility for the practical application of changes to procedures resulting from initiatives and legislative and regulatory changes
  • Achieve wellbeing related management across a complex organisation, including managing compliance, and reporting functions of workers’ compensation
  • Responsible for the ensuring Employee Affordability Management solutions. Conduct employee affordability analysis annually. Ensure coordinated feedback to business

Leadership and Values

Analyse the applicable OBU/OpHub/SBU/Functional Core metrics & report the insights and suggest gap closing measures in the region. Continuously monitor escalation in staff costs and turnover levels and escalate any concerns to Snr Manager: Rewards and Benefits (SA).

  • Metrics defined and quarterly dashboards provided to the business on important and relevant trends.
  • Reports analysed and gap closing measures identified

Execute selected regional programs, e.g. RemPro – annual increase and incentive exercises, implementation of new variable pay plans, design of annual STI plans, merit and retention awards etc through the coordination and management of a small group of specialists. 

  • Drive a high performance culture through strong integration of talent and reward processes and outcomes.
  • Execute meticulous and well planned annual / regular reward processes and continuously optimise RemPro to ensure the system meets business requirements and remains relevant.
  • Effectively implement new group plans / policies and ensure that HR and line colleagues are well informed and educated about changed / new plans.

Relationships, Teamwork and Collaboration

Render Rewards and Benefits and Wellbeing specialist support for all BU HR falling in Africa Regions – act as Rewards and Benefits knowledge pool for BU HR & provide support per BU HR request, specifically with regard to ensuring market related, competitive reward practices to attract, retain and motivate key skills.  

  • Regular follow up with clients to ensure that services are meeting / exceeding expectations and that there are no attraction / retention concerns relating to reward practices.
  • Participation in appropriate Forums




  • Bachelor’s degree in Behavioural Science / Accountancy AND/OR
  • Post Graduate Honours degree Behavioural Science
  • GRP (would be advantageous)


  • 11 years relevant experience
  • K9 competency

Certification, Professional Membership and Licences

  • Statutory Security Bodies accreditation or relevant law enforcement training
  • Firearm competency for business purposes if applicable to BU
  • Driver license with proven driving experience



  • Strategy Development and Translation
  • Organisational Development and Transformation
  • HR Architecture Design
  • Talent Sourcing and Deployment
  • Performance Management Delivery
  • Remuneration Management
  • Learning Delivery
  • Payroll Data/Rewards and Benefits
  • Business Partnering/Consulting
  • HR Systems Application
  • HR Governance and Compliance
  • Employee Relations

SHE/Legal Competencies

  • Health and Safety
  • Hazard Awareness
  • SHE Law and Regulatory Systems
  • Emergency Response


Note: CV’s are to be in English. Failure to provide Sasol with truthful information and valid documents will render your application null and void.


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