Shift Leader

Shift Leader
Shift Leader

15 Maio, 2019


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To ensure production volumes by applying expert technical knowledge and ensure maximum equipment availability through managing personnel, systems and processes


  • Ensure plant operating specifications and product quality requirements; Complete and submit daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Assist in the inspection of plant and equipment, perform corrective action on receiving a high priority alarm, communicate actions taken to rectify the alarm, return process to normal operating parameters, Identify alarm settings on Alarm detail page, Monitor suppressed alarms regularly to ensure relevance and describe actions to be taken for nuisance alarms.
  • Audit handovers, ensure shift handovers are completed and recommend improvements to handover procedures.
  • Understand the effects of plant input and output changes on customers and suppliers; Justify and allocate resources for the operators to perform their duties, recommend strategies to improve operability, review and approve draft plant process procedures and write contingency plans for changing plant conditions.
  • Analyze P&ID’s to aid plant maintenance and safe making, optimization and problem solving, ensure compliance with policies and procedures
  • Review technical data and coordinate response to meet or exceed the Plan, understand the effects of plant input and output changes on customers and suppliers
  • Handling of hazardous process materials from storage to plant; Advise operators of the correct PPE to be worn; Advise actions to take when coming into contact with any hazardous material and Implement local procedures during loss of containment.
  • Adhere to Process Safety practices and policies; Coordinate emergency events and perform evacuation when required.
  • Communicate, seek clarification and command situations on the radio system and ensure compliance with the company radio policy.
  • Audit maintenance activity, report any instances and reasons when maintenance cannot be completed and ensure maintenance activities are completed in the specified sequence and in the agreed time scales.
  • State the different reasons for bypassing a trip device; understand other protection devices in place in the event of the failure of a trip device; understand the permission restrictions to prevent inadvertent bypassing of trip devices, Bypass and re-instate trip settings and understand the allowable circumstances for maintenance or procedural activity.
  • Describe the role and purpose of a DCS, define the purpose of trending, outline the requirement for event history interrogation, outline maintenance override facilities, and explain faceplates and the information contained within them.
  • Understand the ESD function, perform ESD actions, demonstrate cause and effect knowledge in ESD application.


Minimum qualifications and experience:

  • NQF Level 4 Occupational
  • NQF Level 4 Vocational
  • Shift Leader competency
  • 3 years total relevant and practiced Leadership experience


Leadership and behavioral

  • Authentically and inclusively engages people to follow; leads culture transformation.
  • Builds capability and leverages diversity for competitive advantage.
  • Builds Teams and creates synergies through working across boundaries.
  • Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback and self-correcting.
  • Demonstrates commercial acumen, a global mind-set and exercises sound judgement.
  • Achieves results through others and holds them accountable.
  • Ensure that self and team achieve development objectives.
  • Cascade operational goals and long-term plans through effective two-way communication in the organization.
  • Develop and implement the production visions for the plant.
  • Ensure that vision, values and business direction are embraced by the team.

Functional / Technical

  • Internal people management and development
  • Work on equipment, equipment efficiency discussions – daily Spare requirements PR’s and PO’s
  • Create and maintain an operating unit by building and sustaining team
  • Optimize all resources including people, finances, and technology, energy
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese.


Loca: Inhambane


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