Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor

17 Julho, 2020


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Main Purpose:
1. Ensure a timely execution as well as a sustainable and consistent accomplishment of the Annual Maintenance Plan, including extraordinaire activities (i.e.; Tank Turnaround, Maintenance Projects, etc.)
To use an annual schedule to visit all the facilities to supervise and control the jobs executed by the contractors/service providers.Coordinate with Operations and improve the scheduling of the annual maintenance plan, according with the resources availability.Responsible for the control of the “Inspection Check List” compliance and based on results of this; identify and resolve potential issues that could lead to failures.Ensure effectiveness and quality Control of the job executed by the Contractor or by Puma personnel.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities, Key Responsibilities:

Safety & HSE:

  • Ensure that maintenance is done safely and correctly in the time agreed with Ops and ensure a strict adherence and compliance with Puma HSE standards.
  • Implement the Control of Works programmed as per Puma SAPS guidelines.


  • Receive Preventives WO’s from the Maintenance Planner (based on the Annual Maintenance Plan) for Scheduling.
  • Schedule WO’s to be executed by Puma / Service Providers for the next three months in accordance with the 1-week schedule, WO Backlog, new high priority corrective WO’s, and other scheduling guidelines.
  • Identify any faulty situation and communicate it to the Terminal Manager, Retail/Terminal Planner and Maintenance Manager. If it is a critical situation more effective communication should be use (e.g.; telephone, email, text message, etc.).
  • To control and analyze the WO Backlog in QV in a weekly basis.
  • Ensure all jobs are undertaken within budgeted costs.
  • He is responsible for carrying out the assigned tasks as per the schedule of WO’s.
  • Reschedule weekly work to handle emergencies and the WO Backlog.

Work Management:

  • The Supervisor will have an input role in the preparation of Work Orders when necessary.
  • The Supervisor must interface at ground level with the technicians/contractors doing the job, if he/she not doing the job himself, and ensure:

Timely completion

Quality control

Cost control

  • The supervisor must perform a review of all completed jobs and close out the WO documentation on a daily basis. Unfinished jobs must be carried forward on the weekly plan with a priority to complete open jobs before starting new ones – or unless otherwise directed by the Maintenance Manager.
  • Feedback must be shared with the person responsible for the Terminal and Maintenance Planner
  • Receive WO forms after job execution from technicians or contactors. Initiate necessary WO for additional work based on feedback from completed WO including “permanent fixes” and refurbishing components.
  • Closing WO in TAG (corrective WO).
  • Perform RCA (root cause and failure analysis) for the corrective WO executed by Puma and in case of Contractors, review and approve the RCA report prepared by theirs.
  • Review and approve Contractor’s end of Corrective Work report.
  • Define criticality of corrective Work Orders.
  • Carry out unannounced visit to the field in order to audit the planned and corrective works.

Site Supervision:

  • Control and supervision of his Puma team or contractors.
  • Assist assigned crew personnel to resolve any problems with Work Procedure utilizing planning files and information as necessary. Coordinate obtaining of unanticipated parts that are not in inventory through the storeroom (stock outs) or maintenance purchaser (non-inventory items).
  • Clarify feedback as necessary to allow improvements to planned Work Procedures.
  • Routine to control the failures (post planned maintenance + post corrective maintenance).
  • Implement routine to control the failures trends, level of corrective maintenance, and costs associated.
  • Revision of Maintenance Projects progress.
  • Field Inspection of Maintenance Projects.

Meetings / Communication:
Monthly meeting with contractors (based on monthly analysis results and performance evaluation).Meeting with Dealers / VPM as needed.

Others Responsibilities

The supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that he and his team remain up to date with all training certifications necessary for his type of work.Distribute the work order form to assigned lead technician.The Maintenance Supervisor is also expected to be a brand conformity ambassador and ensure consistency across the network esp on items that may not have been reportedThe supervisor has a duty to provide a professional interface with the customer/dealer and ensure that the interaction experience at ground level is good.Keep his team motivated and healthily atmosphere between the team.

Key Relationships and Department Overview:



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